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Testosterone Enanthate (10 x 250MG)


10 vials

1x 250mg/ml


Categories: Injectable Steroids

Testosterone E or Testosterone Enanthate

– DESCRIPTION OF THE PREPARATION Transparent oily solution, light yellow to yellow in color, with a characteristic odor. PHARMACEUTICAL FORM Oily solution for injection.

Testosterone E is the European equivalent of testosterone cypionate.

Testosterone E is a slow-release, oil-based injectable steroid. It is the most prescribed testosterone-based drug and has a long-lasting effect that persists for 2-3 weeks. From the beginning you can see the water retention and the accumulation of adipose tissue, being recommended to use it during the training period because it offers a fat mass that is easy to shape and transform into muscle mass during future workouts.

A dose ranging from 200 mg to 800 mg weekly will provide spectacular muscle mass gains. After completing the cycle, a post-cycle therapy is recommended starting from 2 weeks after the end of the cycle in order to keep the accumulated muscle mass gains, a weight loss will be observed, this representing the fat mass, but the muscle mass will be preserved.


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