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Sustanon (10 x 250mg)


10 vials


1 x 250mg/ml


Categories: Injectable Steroids

Sustamed or Sustanon DESCRIPTION OF THE PREPARATION Transparent oily solution, light yellow to yellow in color, with a characteristic odor. It is an injectable steroid of oily concentration having the following active substances: testosterone propionate 30 mg testosterone phenylpropinate 60mg testosterone isocaproat 60 mg testosterone decanoate 100mg.

The main use of this product is to increase muscle mass, but it also brings strength gains at the same time. It has a maximal anabolic effect and an obvious androgenic activity. However, the force is not to be ignored, however, some athletes manage to lift over 40 kg during the 2 months of using Sustamed.

Due to testosterone inhibition, it is recommended that HCG be co-administered with Clomid and / or Nolvadex to compensate for personal production. Post-cycle therapy is done after 2 weeks, and the administration dose between 250mg and 1000mg has a high anabolic effect and a pronounced androgenic activity. It is used during periods of mass accumulation, bringing serious gains in muscle mass and strength. You will also notice water retention, which is not desirable when looking at defining and preparing for a contest.


Sustamed will inhibit its own secretion of testosterone fairly quickly, will remain active in the body for up to a month after the last injection, it is better to wait 2-3 weeks and then start administration. Sustamed is used especially in quality meal cycles. It combines very well with other oral or injectable steroids, depending on the goals. It can be used with Turanabol for quality weight loss or with Danabol and Deca for weight loss. But it can also be used in defining cycles if taken with Trenbolone and Winstrol.

A cycle with Sustamed lasts for about 8-12 weeks. The recommended dose is 250-750mg per week. If combined with other steroids, a maximum of 500mg is administered. Sustamed is special due to the fact that it has those 4 esters in its composition. This means that it has both fast release in the body and slow release.


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