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Strombaject Aqua (10 x 50mg/ml)


10 vials

1 x 50mg/ml


Categories: Injectable Steroids

Strombaject – DESCRIPTION OF THE PREPARATION White or white suspension with a yellowish tinge. PHARMACEUTICAL FORM Suspension for injection. Strombaject is a steroid that is administered by injection, its effects being beneficial for definition and consist in melting fats and lack of water retention in adipose tissue. Its effect is very fast so it is recommended to use often 50mg / day or every 2 days.

Used in combination with trenbolone and testosterone propionate leads to muscle growth with a very good definition. It is forbidden to use this steroid by people suffering from liver disease.

The effects are not felt if a healthy diet rich in protein is not observed.

This product does not lead to obstruction of your own testosterone production, helping a very good method to increase muscle mass. Strombaject leads to increased muscle mass, reduced fat deposits, improves tissue trophics, promotes calcium deposits in the bones, retains nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, potassium, sodium and water in the body.

The hematopoietic action is determined by the increase of erythropoietin synthesis.

The antiallergic action is determined by the increase in the serum level of the C1 fraction of the complement. Androgenic (moderate) action can contribute to the development of male secondary sexual characteristics. Strombaject is an injectable steroid also known as winny or winstrol. Very effective with other steroids in periods of muscle mass and definition. Action: – is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), but with a lower androgenic action. – develops muscle mass giving a hard and dry appearance of muscles – does not retain water, even contributing to its elimination. – It also has anti-catabolic effects during periods with high caloric restriction. Results: – quality and definition muscle mass. Optimal dose: – 50-100 mg every 2 days. Cycle duration: – about 6 weeks. Detection time: – 9 weeks


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